Become A Crew Member on IF

I’m wondering if it would be difficult to add a feature where you could go in 1st person, as a ground worker? Like you could have responsibilities of inspection, fueling, pushback, etc. I feel like this would be a super cool feature. Any imput? It would be like the same as being an ATC communicator. Thanks.


Great idea, but maybe remove the first sentence, not needed there :)

Yes, I have thought of this before haha that will surely spice things up as pilot and ATC aren’t the only jobs available in aviation :D

This is a flight simulator, not a ground crew simulator. It would also take a super long time.


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Why is this necessary?? I’d play Infinite Baggage Loader if I wanted to do this sort of stuff. Time is better spent on new regions, airplanes, innovations for flight, etc.

There’s already a button for this. The tug comes with your imagination


Why do we be ATC controllers if it’s a FLIGHT sim?.. Just saying

Why do you have so much to say?

Thank you Captain

Huh?.. What do u mean

Because they are necessary to enhancing the infinite flight experience. They judge the pilots in the sky and on the ground and the game would collapse without it


Plus it would add realism to the game. Especially if you are interested in trying something new. Not everyone feels the same. I just like trying new stuff👍🏽

For the ATC part… I personally find it a good addition… Ok this ground thing isn’t such a good idea practically but ATC has been implemented and is great!

Finally, a decent app idea :-)

No, on all seriousness, if you want to drive baggage carts, there are plenty of crappy games on steam you can try.

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I think pilot and ATC is enough



I am one of the ground crew for IF. I drive around the airports (in my Cessna Citation) and see what airports need fixed. :)


Time to do it for WSSS too haha jio (invite) me please!! XD

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Sounds like an idea for another simulator honestly. Don’t think this fits here.

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