Because It’s All About Realism(TM)

Let’s compare altitude and speed profiles from a CYOW-CYYZ flight in RWA today to FNF IF profiles, shall we? They should match because everyone’s all about dat b…Realism™:


I guess it really, really matters if a United plane parks in a gate where Delta parks at your home airport, but flight? Who really worries about minutiae like that, right?

Earlier today at EDDF, I saw a pilot with 31 nm to destination (that included an 11 nm final and a mile or so from runway to tower) at FL320, and he wasn’t even descending, but he was active because he was talking to Approach. Seriously, how steeply are you expecting to descend guy?

I’m sure it frustrates people to no end when I stick them in holds, but if you call in for an approach overhead the field at FL250, what exactly do you expect? I mean, really, what was your overall plan?

How about instead of feature requests for “ooh, if we had to de-board and board that would really up the realism, because nothing is more fun than chilling on the ground for 40 minutes before launching into space on my flight from KLAX to KNUC!” we put a little more Realism™ into the flights with the tools we already have at our disposal? Like math. I mean, that’s existed for centuries! “Let’s see…10 miles away at 550 kts at FL340, my V/S needs to be…-45,000 FPM…Doable!”


My observation so far on this site leads me to believe most of the IF pilots are no older than 13 years old… So it’s hard to expect more.

Hopefully, when Infinite Flight becomes much better, we will see a more mature user base, but thats an extreme muscle cramping stretch.


This is exactly it. To many of the younger users, Infinite Flight is seen by them as a game, not a simulator. They don’t take it seriously like we do, simply since they don’t think of it as a simulator, unfortunately. @Tim_B I love seeing these posts because trust me, you’re not the only one who gets migraines when they see this type of behavior! Hopefully this improves in the future.


However, age is not all that matters here. Just because a pilot is 13, that doesn’t mean they are unprofessional. I can wholeheartedly agree for sure that pilots need to be more realistic in their flights


that included an 11 nm final and a mile or so from runway to tower) at FL320, and he wasn’t even descending,

This something that I have seen and I have done it to when I was like 9 years old I’m 12 now and I know how to fly but kids do play this game and the more popular it gets the more people get that’s good but just letting you know there is always going to be that one kid to do this


I can agree on this. I typically descend 150nm away (30k feet) at -1800fpm and it seems to work out fine. Any higher altitude I may descend 10-20nm away from that.

The thing is that some people don’t care about realism but the paradox is that the expert server is all about realism to an extent. Its virtually impossible to make everyone have the same values as you do andI guess that this is something that we just have to live with.

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What I see here is include learning topics in the startup pages on how to calculate descent profiles, v speeds, aircraft speed info, cruising alt. Teach them to fish. Not everyone is I the community so those tips in a startup page in IF could make all the difference.


Age isn’t the issue here even though everyone keeps complaining about maturity issues on the forum and in game. Adults can fly like that. We need a better in game system to teach people proper procedures instead of just “go on forum” maybe a flight school?


Very well said than some others yes I agree with your statement here but there are some tutorials provided here on the forum by other people either in a video or explaining in a topic and yes age doesn’t matter I have fell asleep and overshot my airport multiple times just a mistake that I have made anyone can do it and it can happen to anyone

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Well yes, the tutorials are very helpful, but sometimes people new to the game discredit the forum and/or Are unwilling to use the forum


Yes and/or have no clue about the forum I had no clue about the forum until December when I joined I started playing in September


Well now the tutorials button I believe leads straight to the Forum. As well as another button (I think)


I am just going to say this, I am 14 years old and I am a very professional pilot on infinite flight and I always use as many real world procedures as I can get my hands on. Reading through some of the replies on this thread. I do not appreciate the fact that some people are classifying a whole group of people as being unprofessional just because they are younger. It is just like don’t judge a book by its cover.


To address the whole age thing, it isn’t mentioned anywhere in the original post, and I don’t think that was the intention of the topic. So technically speaking wouldn’t it be considered off-topic?

It’s because of multiple people replying that only young users were being immature and no one else


As steeply as the chart tells me to.


Great post Tim! I am constantly perplexed by theses requests as well.

Charts are public information. Simple mathematical skills should be utilized planning descents or takeoffs. Take the extra time while on ground to create and understand your realistic flight plan. Recently I’ve seen an influx of pilots requesting inbounds much too high relative their destination airport. As I have always thought, grade, age, hours flown, or VA affiliation has nothing to do about a pilots aeronautical knowledge. That being said, learning from prior mistakes is the key to success. Keep reaching out and asking questions when confusion arrises. See you all in the skies or on the ground!


I fully agree!

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Great post Tim! I think I’ll close my request though…