Beauty Of Aviation Photo Editing

Hello community! It’s been a while since my last spotting thread, here’s some photos from my spotting session few days ago @RCTP and I’d like to share with you.

As you can see the editing style is really different from before, I was inspired by many different plane spotters, including the spotting competition. Please enjoy!


Canon EOS R8
Canon RF 100-400mm f/5.6-8


Great shots! Those nights shots are crisp. Also love that Star Alliance 787. Nice job!

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Thank you! It was supposed to park at a gate much far away from the spot, luck to had gate change 🫡

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Stunning shots!! Love the SQ 78X!

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A photo from this session has just approved by planespotter net!! 😍This is also my first aviation photo approved by a website, hurray!


Good job! 👏

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This A330 with its engines looks as strange as B747 GE laboratory with GE9X mounted haha.

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I had the same thought as you haha, GE engines for 767, A330, 747 looks quite the same for me too.

Congrats. More to come I believe?

You earned yourself a “fave” from me for the photo in the database

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Thank you! At the mean time my JP upload slot is full as well, let’s see 😄

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If it’s accepted on it usually also get accepted on JP too. Keyword: USUALLY

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USUALLY hehehe

Two in a row!


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