Beautifull Approach Airport

Do you have any international airport reccomendation with beautiful approach to fly to?


for me i would say my hometown KDEN because when you land you can see mountains, or you can do Danieal K. Inouye International airport. Safe flying


I love to fly in and out of KSLC


I love flying into fimp

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Key West.

I agree, I flew in from Seattle, it is quite scary with the height, but looks good, along with Key West,

I love CYVR and LSZH because of the beautiful mountain scenery !

Portland (OR)


Thought you would say PSP! 😂

Nah there’s not a whole lot to see there lol


True!!! 10

Juneau Alaska on the 26 visual, coming through the valley, its nice.

Portland, OR, flying on the right side of Mt. Hood through the Columbia River Gorge

Salt Lake City - 3D version, but the Great Salt Lake just off the left

Cape Town, with the mountains just along the ocean side

St. Maarten and the approach to 10, its all water, but the relative closeness to the beach before landing is gorgeous.

I love the Approach into Athens.

Seattle has a beautiful approach with Mt. Rainier in the distance.

Victoria, Seychelles (FSIA)

One of my favorites, beautiful island scenery all around combined with a unique Kai Tak-esque for Runway 13’s approach over the city’s port because of the terrain. Plenty of route and aircraft options too

Approach Chart

FR24 flight path of what it looks like

IRL video of a 777 approach


HBBA (Bujumbura) in Burundi, wide valley ending in a lake, very scenic
VNKT (Kathmandu) in Nepal, valley run to the runway
VQPR (Paro) in Bhutan, challenging valley run to the runway

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KPDX - Portland, OR

when coming in from the east along the HHOOD4 arrival, you get to fly along near Mt Hope and the Columbia Gorge. Depending on where from the east you fly from, there’s all sorts of mountains, rivers and canyons.

If you come in from the north on either KRATR2 or HELNS6, you get the scenery of all the mountains east of the Seattle area, and you get to go past Mt St Helens

Singapore Changi Approach Runway 02

Eagle County. KEGE

Queenstown, New Zealand.

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OMDB only if your landing at 12R or 12L

OMAA is also has good views