Beautiful Winter Lighting - 12/18/20

Hello! So I haven’t posted a spotting topic but I’m going to post more in the near future! Yesterday I went to Buffalo Niagara International Airport to watch the Buffalo Bills (National Football League) depart for Denver. My oh my, the lighting was amazing!

Note. These photos aren’t edited

JetBlue E190 | To Boston | Registration - N198JB

This plane was a surprise because when I was heading to the airport. It flew right over me above 200 feet. And now that JetBlue is retiring their E190’s soon. It’s a rare sight to see these.

Delta Airlines A330-300 | To Denver | N808NW

This plane was supposed to go out 4 hours before I took this photo but the plane couldn’t get out of JFK. I got to say. This photo is one of the best! Timed it out perfectly

Thanks for viewing this topic! I hope you enjoyed!


That’s GORGEOUS 😍 Great photos, love the 3rd one!


Here’s a tip: try and rotate the photo so that the horizon is level to the bottom and top frame. Other than that, great shots!

Thank you!

@dca.iad.aviation, I decided to post them without editing. But I’ll do that once I edit them. Thanks!

#lockscreen! But wow, what beautiful pictures holy moly

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Thank you very much!

Great pictures @AndrewWu! lol jokes

My likes gone :(

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Thank you @ran!

Incredible shots man!

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Thanks Cameron!

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