Beautiful wings: A compilation of my favorite wing shots

I was absently scrolling through my photos earlier today, and I noticed that I have a lot of different photos of aircraft wings. So here they are. I think this should be under the spotting category but tell me or change it if I’m wrong please.

A Skywest CRJ-200. Boring

A Lufthansa A380 in the ground in Frankfurt. Not so boring!

A United 777-200. In all honesty, that was the absolute worst flight I’ve ever experienced. I’ll spare you the details

Lufthansa 747-8i

Another Lufthansa 747-8i

a Comair 737. Credit for this photo goes to my aunt

A Virgin Atlantic Dreamliner flying from San Fransisco to Heathrow

Another virgin 787, this time going to Johannesburg. The windows were just being un tinted, and combined with an African sunrise and pink mood lighting, you get that beautiful look.

That very same Dreamliner beginning her descent into Jo’Burg.

Touchdown! It wasn’t the smoothest of landings but I was so excited to be there I didn’t really care. At all.

I took 9 these photos myself, one of them was taken by my aunt as I said earlier. If you want to use any of these photos for any reason, please ask!

Out of all these photos, which one was your favorite? (Number is based on the order they appeared here, with the CRJ as #1, and the Virgin 787 landing as #10

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Hey there!

These are some beautiful photos you’ve got, however they’d best be suited in the following topic. Thanks!

Was this KORD to EDDF possibly?

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From San Fransisco to Frankfurt. In creo only. With United. On a 20 year old 772. Need I say more…

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I feel like I flew on the same UA 772 but KORD to EDDF

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The wings do look very similar. Both -200…

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Might be 🤷‍♂️

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And they say Air France planes are dirty lol

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Oh but they’ve never seen United…

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Ah United is one of the best airlines if not the best US airline. You may not like it but others do! #3 definitely the best photo 🤙🙌 . Also you have a different post talking about how much you like UA so your comments here are a little confusing. United #1


Where do I have a post talking about how much I love UA? I made a post about United’s 747, and how much I love the 747, not specifically United. I personally think that they are horrible(in economy at least. I can’t speak for Polaris).

What do you think about this wing shot.


@Lil_Seedy_Boi wow, that is AMAZING!

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Yeah I’m flying from Bermuda to New York Saturday so I’m gonna see if I can get a better photo because I have tried getting any with my iPhone 11

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Cool. Bermuda seems like a really beautiful place. What are line are you flying. Be sure to post some nice pics if you get any btw

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I’m flying JetBlue on an a320 I’ll post As well when I get wifi

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JetBlue is nice. Better than United…

Amen brother, United fo life!

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Oooh la la. Lovely wing views. I love the ones with the lights.

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Thank you!