Beautiful terrain

True is you want the flight plan I can give it to you or just go crazy long distance for this flight I started at Sydney by the way bugs it’s up to you and if you have the time I was on Christmas break so I had the time

I’ll create FPL from simbrief. Thanks for asking though ;)

Yep that’s what I did 😊

I flew from one end of my forehead to the other. It took approximately 16 hours in a 777.

If I’m not talking figuratively, I flew from KSFO-VIDP and KSFO-VOBL (@ran). Both took approximately 17 hours.

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That’s next level 🔥


I can feel the extreme mountain wave turbulence by just looking at this picture lol.

Great pics also my longest flight was 15 hours… and i was using an Ipad Mini 2.

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Give me the route info mate. I am looking for some long hauls ;)

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KATL-FAOR A350 delta.