Beautiful terrain

Few shots from my last VIDP-KLAX flight!

Flight time : 15hrs20mins
Server : Training
Airline : Air India
Aircraft used : 777-300ER

Beautiful Himalayas

Mongolia-Russia border

Siberian Wastelands

Over Alaska

Snowy Canada

Hollywood right there…

•What’s your longest long-haul in IF?


Beautiful pics and welcome on the forum !

Check this @Mayank_Pawar

My longest was Addis Abeba to Geneva on Ethiopian A359 !


Lovely photos!

My longest is London to Sydney using a Qantas 787-9!

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What’s the flight time mate? I’ll try to do if it’s possible for me.


It’s like 6h30-7h, not really long but I don’t do longer flights ^^

But the scenery is amazing

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Nice to hear that :)

How do you get the terrain to look so good? Is it something in the phone settings?

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Its depend on the app setting

Astounding shots, especially for a first post in the forum!

Welcome to the community @Aviator_KP!

Maxed out all the graphics settings!

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Thanks for the appreciations mate! Looking forward to post more like these… :D


Nice, hope your device is okay lol


Wow amazing and longest flight is 61 hours around the world

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My longest is from Singapore to London on an airbus-380


If I do this then,
My device temperature > Aircraft’s engine temperature


Welcome to the forum. Glad to see Air India getting love too.

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Beautiful shots there! Also welcome to this lovely Forum :)

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Thanks man <3

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Well I used an A350 and have a brand new Iphone 13 Pro but don’t know if that matters and I turned my screen down a tad bit and my phone was never warm or over heated when I picked it up to land

Heating depends on processor and you have a high end processor so it won’t heat much ;)

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