Beautiful surprise from ATC

hello to all, are often seen topic against the controllers, criticism, problems, etc. (it happened to me) but that my topic is to show that the controllers are also objective people who can recognize the right things and done well. I did not put the name of ATC for privacy but if you see this post and you want do it. it is right that you also see these things, it was a nice gesture on your part,it’s nice that we will share each other’s compliments.
Thank you!



Who was the controller?


MaxSez. “Make my day”!. What a great first read & wake up call. “Jolly Good Show Mate”.


Very interesting… ^-^

We as ATCs are here to service and help pilots to the best of our ability. Nobody should be afraid to ask us any questions as to why we’ve made some decisions- we have a game plan in mind to get everyone in safely and have everything operating at maximum efficiency.

Cheers, gentlemen. The IFATC team appreciates what y’all as pilots do each and every day to keep things moving. ;)

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I’m guessing it was you. ¯_ツ_/¯

Haha nice try :D

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