Beautiful Sunset Views (LPPT-LPMA)

Today I flew LPPT-LPMA using the A320 (TAP Air Portugal) a flight that I would definitely recommend you fly. It’s about 1h and 40mins flight time and there’s great views of Lisbon and and interesting approach into LPMA.

As I spawned into LPPT the sun was just starting to set. I knew I was in for that beautiful IF sunset!! And by the time I got into the air. The sun was saying it’s final goodbyes and it just started to fade away.

I have to say I’ve always enjoyed Infinite Flights sunsets. They’re amazing, and I think they show off how good the graphics are very well.

Anyway, that was enough sunset for one day, I had a flight to attend to

Unfortunately by the time I got to LPMA the moon was out and the the darkness sneaked in. But I still got to enjoy LPMAs weird but wonderful approach.

I probably could’ve taken the approach better. But it was my first time. And I really had no idea what I was getting myself into 😂😂🥴 anyway, thanks for checking out my screenshots 😁😁


Awesome shots, Seán!


Those are some amazing photos!

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1st photo is definitely the best shot! Nice pics.

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Oh Sean these are just 🥺 beautiful. Wonderful job


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Thanks guys 😁

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Class job Seán! Will you be making these topics a regular occurrence?

Please do!!!

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Thanks Patrick! 😁 Dunno I’ll see @Patrick_McCormack. These kind of topics don’t get a lot of attention on the IFC. So not sure if it’s worth it. I’ll see 🤷🏻‍♂️

@Sean_McCormack more attention than most of my topics though 😂