Beautiful sunset @ KSFO

A few days ago on TS I did some controlling at KSFO. Afterwards I took a look back at the replay and got some amazing pics! My overall favorite was this one:

A Boeing 747-8 holding short of 28R, as a 787 is on short final for 28R.
Training Server


What do you guys think? Any thoughts or tips?

I really like this photo nice job 👍🏽😄

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Thanks, SFO is pretty good place to take photos on TS and CS. It has not too much traffic and has many intersecting runways. Also, I live in the Bay Area, although I usually fly in and out of KOAK.

Plane actually not colliding? Lol

Meaning they are not landing literally “at the same time”

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Well… I didn’t take a picture of the other end of the runway…😁

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I think you’re photo is really nice

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I like the approaching airplanes that’s my favorite part

My favorite part is always at not-so-busy airports and controlling. Just watching the planes coming in is really relaxing. Unless your controlling at SFO or LAX.