Beautiful sunset into busy Lissabon

Yesterday i flew from Madrid to Lisbon, but the flight took a little longer then expected.
Flight Info
Route: Madrid (LEMD) - Lisbon (LPPT)
Aircraft: A320 (TAP)
Server: Expert Server
Date: 02-06-2020
Normal Flight time: 0:45
Flight time : 02:09
Photos (With time when made)

Takeoff from Madrid (18:33 zulu)

Cruising towards Lisbon (18:50 zulu)

Contacting the first Lisbon Approach controller (19:05 zulu)

Why we love the game (19:34 zulu)

Sun setting in the Atlantic Ocean (19:51 zulu)

Landing on Lisbon Airport (20:19 zulu)
Side note
This post isnt to proof the long times in the approach, or about bad atc. I really appreciate the effort and hard work from all the controllers. They have to handle so many people, and Lisbon Airport is not the most ideal airport for much traffic. Thanks to all the atc who i connected to yesterday!

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Awsome pics can’t wait to see another flight from you!!

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