Beautiful Sunrise Takeoff!

1) Background to the video
This is a BAVA flight with my VA mates departing for a very short less than an hour flight, and fortunately in real time there was a sunrise which I think it is amazing to watch on takeoff and throughout the time-lapse! Hope you enjoy it!
2) Detailed Flight Information including servers, time, route
Expert Server, 10:00Z, SBGR-SBCT
3) Video


Great video, as usual! :)

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A big thank you for your support! It is my pleasure to continue making these videos and sharing them!

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Great video. How do you get picture in picture


Picture in picture?

This is done in iMovie.

By overlaying two clips over another, they allow you to select picture in picture option, then you can select from large the picture in picture section is for the scene and make the picture in picture effect during takeoff and landing. This is one of the latest features that the recent videos have them.