Beautiful Spotting Photos at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport

Hey IFC,
Here’s some of my photos from spotting at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport over this past weekend. Enjoy!

Here’s a Cargolux 747 from Anchorage having a beautiful approach over Lake Michigan and the Interstate, to land on the East side of the airport’s runway 27L

A CRJ on approach

United 737

An artsy shot of an American 737 landing behind a tree

Same 737 but after it flew past the tree

United 757

A United Express Embraer

A United Express sporting the new livery, which I think is completely underrated by the way.

A far away Fedex A300 I think? Kinda forgot. Maybe 767

A cute little United 320 . ( it started to get really sunny)

ERJ but a little further away. (I wrote in the snow to try to talk to planes! I’ll post the link at the bottom)

I will end with this beautiful shot of a United 777 from Beijing landing 27L, flying over a billboard

Let me know what you think!,


Nice shots! I wonder if the pilots saw your message.🤔


It would be awesome if they did😂 thank you!!!


Nice, but I believe you can only have 10 photos for storage reasons.

Dang can’t count. Opps


That Cargolux is incredible.

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Love them pics 👌


Second to last photo looks like an erj-145


Looks like it. The engine is long and the nose is pretty long and sharp.

It’s is an ERJ-145 it’s hard to tell cause the quality is bad
EDIT: bruh this got flagged as inappropriate 😂 I can’t even with y’all. Y’all know that I’m saying facts.

Oh man your right I wasn’t paying attention I labeled the wrong one thanks for the fix

Isn’t it incredible. I was so lucky to see it and get a quick photo

Hey thanks man I appreciate it a ton

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Nice, pretty cool

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I have to be honest - these aren’t “beautiful.” They’re grainy and blurry. I’m not trying to be mean, just being honest. I don’t have the money for an expensive camera and the best I can do is my phone which takes grainy and blurry pictures when I zoom too much. BUT - there’s always room for improvement! Some of these are better than others, like the UA 737, the AA 737 after it was past the tree, and the new UA Express CRJ. They’re clearer and not as blurry/grainy.

I look forward to seeing improvement in your spotting. Whether it’s a better camera, or just less grainy photos, it’ll be an improvement! I know we all try to be expert plane spotters, but the equipment and editing software costs a lot of money. I’m happy that you’re getting into it though. I hope we see more photos of yours in the future!

I’m in the same boat. Don’t worry. I wish I could take better pics but it’s difficult when cameras & equipment cost a bunch.

Have a great rest of your day :)


Hey thank you

Nice angle!

Thank you! Responding to other’s people’s posts saying these aren’t the best quality, I really would appreciate more positivity on this forum. It was my first spotting trip ever, considering I’m relatively younger than most “professional” spotters, and don’t really have access to a professional camera. @LeonardIF18, I greatly appreciate your kind words.


I think what the others meant was that you’re a bit too “positive” about your first spotting trip.

Also, that Cargolux one is wonderful! Keep it up! You have a lot of potential, I suggest you get a hold of a camera to really use your skill at the best of your ability 😉 Keep it up, looking forward to more!

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I appreciate it!

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