Beautiful South American Adventure

Hey all!

A day ago, after flying in to SCEL from EGLL, I decided to do a nice 3 hour long flight and no choice could top the route from Cuzco to Bogota (SPZO-SKBO). Definitely one of my favourite routes within South America. Flight time was just under 3 hours in the Expert Server.

Here is our ride, an Avianca Airbus A320-200 that’ll take us to Bogota.

After a lovely rotate, we start to make a right bank to avoid the mountains in front of us, I’m not complaining.

A high altitude view of the Peruvian Andes mountains to the north of Cuzco.

Soon about to enter some the greenery of Peru.

Wonderful view from above the aircraft of the Brazilian Acre city: Cruzeiro do Sul.

Over the Peru-Colombia border where the moon is looming over us in the daylight.

Slightly misty descent over Clombia with a view of the mountains that Bogota is on.

Right downwind for the Bogota airport.

Did this angle last time, but still worth doing it again.

We have successfully arrived in the Am Dorado Airport of Bogota.

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Thanks for your time!


I love number 9! And the editing and text on all of them is great. It’s also good to see some non generic angles too. And I regally want to fly into Cuzco from either Bogota or Lima because of the mountains, awesome post!


Thanks @NoahM!

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These are some really nice photos!

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Thanks mate!

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Lovely! Those mountains and that livery… 😍

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Lots of fantastic pictures! Especially the first 5 are great, with number five being my favourite showing the amazing A320 with Sharklets!

Thanks for sharing!

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Awesome pictures! Beautiful scenery!

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!!!avianca ecuador!!!11!!!

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