Beautiful Shot at Honolulu

Hello IFC Back with another picture for a thumbnail in a future stream(Check out my channel pls) Hopefully you enjoy it. Its the special appr into RWY 26L. The Photo wasn’t edited
Airport PHNL
I didn’t do a route
Server: Solo

And thats all I have if you want the picture with the words and more and all of that send me a pm.

Cya Later!


Cool! Can’t wait to see the video!

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Thanks :) Its more of a stream though lol

I am also thinking of doing timelaspe but it would take pretty long hopefully we get a timelapse in replay would make life so much easier

I would say a time lapse would be better for this thing.

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Really nice shot !

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Then I’ll try but it would take so long lol

Aloha from Hawaii!

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Yup Lol Thats cool if your from Hawaii

I could help?

Oh That Would be cool but I gotta renew my pro first

It’s just the 26L approach

And Whats the problem with that?

Nothing It’s just that anyone can recreate it

But if he likes he likes it no need to just say its a 26L Appr we all know that I don’t really think it was needed No Offense or anything like that

I have mine on Auto Renew

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I just need more money lol

@CaptainAli_yt Just do the one month one that’s what I do

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I also need help learning how to make IF plane spotting videos