Beautiful scenic flight to the Caribbean!

Hey everyone! Today I took a flight from Paris (ORLY) to Fort de France (TFFF) in the air caraibes a350-900.

Server: training
Aircraft: a350-900
Airlines: Air caraibes
FT: 8:00

Loading at gate (hopefully Orly gets buildings soon)

Take Off! (Seat view)

Another shot of the take off (planespotter view)

Tail view at FL390

A nice backseat view

Decesending into the island of Martinique 🇲🇶

Landing with a few buddies to watch my butter Landing

Beach view of the landing

Taxing up the runway to get on the taxi way with a tower shot

At the gate and unloading with a jetblue a220 next to me

Have a nice night/day! Hope you enjoyed!
Make sure to stay tuned for the next topic soon!


Great photos, seems like a nice flight!

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The most underrated livery and route in existence. Great pictures!

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Nice photos! I love the last one. I recently did a flight there as well, wonderful and scenic approach and is better with traffic, which you got here. :)

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Thanks! It was indeed a smooth flight

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Yes not a lot of people think about this airlines that has a majestic livery

Thanks! Yes I had a pretty good amount of traffic there coming in for the approach

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