Beautiful scenery in Tahiti

Just a few photos after I decided to go to Tahiti to check out some new scenery🤩


The second picture looks very good!!

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Thank you 😀😀

Oh sorry I forgot to give route info etc


Cool photos, the new scenery is awesome!

What route did you fly?

Very nice!! I did this route from LAX-PPE and I think I may have to do it again looking at your pics :)

Wow buddy nice 👍🏽Love It

nice shots, so many amazing places to explore around the world.

I thought Tahiti been had HD scenery since I flew over there like 3 month ago

I love the vast range of colors in these images, it really shows the true beauty of Tahiti!

Sorry I’ve been absent for a few days and in response to this question, I basically just took off from Tahiti and flew around the island to get some photos😁

Awesome photos. Looks like a great flight!