Beautiful Santa Barbara Mountains

Hey IFC! Since my last post with the 757 sitting at the ramp did so well, and it seemed pretty simple yet cool, I decided to make another topic of similar nature. I decided to go to Santa Barbara Regional Airport with the E-Jet (E170) Should’ve been reworked next, but anyway lol
Here are the pictures of the plane sitting at the gate:

Server: Solo
Airline/Aircraft: United Express E-170
Airport: Santa Barbara Airport (KSBA)

Which photo was your favorite?

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As always, thanks for stopping by!


Nice shot~

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Floating Nose 170

good shots

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@FGS-CFU-Andy thanks!

@Rolls yeah it was difficult to get good shots without showing the gear floating 😂


Nice to see someone enjoying my home airport! Great photos!


Love seeing my (sort of) home airport featured in a topic!
It doesn’t hurt that it’s one of the most scenic commercial airports in the lower 48.

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I just realized that the E170 looks like the A220.

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@Cole_Collins thanks! Yeah it’s a cool airport

@Jetcentric yes the mountains in CA are great!

@Zhopkins how could you say that 😑
Lol. But seriously E-Jets > A220

A220 over E-jets any day.

This is my topic lol 😂

Nice! This was my cross-country practice airport when I was training for my private license outta KVNY. Seeing these shots sure brought back some great memories.

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Thanks! That’s cool that you flew to SBA!

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