Beautiful Portland!: Snoman's Flyout Series 4.1 @ KPDX - 081900ZMAR20

Sure thing, see you there!

I’ll take this gate, thank you!

I LOVE Portland!

Awesome, see you there!

Can I please take Gate C22 the Alaska Boeing 737-800 to Honolulu PHNL

@snoman Alaskan operates a flight from PDX-DCA. You d9nt have that listed but what is the chance of swapping one of the current, unoccupied flights with this? IRL this is flown with the A321neo but seeming as we don’t have this in IF could I use the 737-900 or A320?

Can I get D5 to Minneapolis?

Sorry for the delay y’all. @Udeme_Ekpo @Nmgrublian you’re signed up!

@KGJT-9149 sure! Would you like the A320 or the 739? And if it’s the 739 which livery?

Surprise me. I’ll fly either one.

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I’m SO sorry for the delay, I thought I’d signed you up. I gave you the A320 :D

Is there any more gates to Orlando?
If not I’ll take gate C9 please!

I can give you a gate to MCO or I can give you the gate to SAN! Which one would you like?

The next event in this region is up!

I’ll take a gate to MCO please!

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I call dibs

@ILOVE7879-2.0 you’re signed up! @Armani_B you’re signed up, would you like the new or old livery?

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The new livery please

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Let’s get some more gates filled!

Could I switch my gate to aDelta 737-900 to KJFK?

Sure, I’ll update it!

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Thanks for organizing. I’d like to join.
GATE D12 Volaris to Guadalajara-MMGL.