Beautiful Overnighter to Santiago!

Hey IFC!

A few days ago I did a nice flight to Santiago from Paris which had ATC. It was a scenic flight and I certainly enjoyed it, so I would like to share some images from this amazing flight and try and work on my editing.
Firstly, I would like to thank @applepro243 for joining me on this flight!

Flight info

Route: Paris (LFPG) - Santiago (SCEL)
Aircraft: Air France A350-900
Flight time: ~14hrs
Server: Expert

Now let’s get started!

Preparing for pushback at Paris

Holding in line for takeoff


Cabin view off the coast of France

Cruising over the Atlantic

Sunset as we near South America

Wing-view during descent over the Andes

Final approach!

A (very early) landing

Parked at gate together!

I hope you enjoyed! Please let me know any ways I can improve my screenshots/editing. Have a great day!


Nice shots!! Seems like a really cool route.


Which program used and what’s the duration of this flight?

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duration is in info

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Yes, the flight duration is in the info. It was 14hrs. I use Snapseed for editing.

Thanks! It was certainly a beautiful route with amazing scenery on the way!

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