Beautiful Night Flight From Toronto to Zurich on Edelweiss' A330!

Hello, and welcome.

Disclaimer: The following flight is not entirely realistic. Edelweiss Air does not fly from Toronto to Zurich, as their only Canadian destination is Calgary, with their A340-300s. So, even though this flight may have been slightly unrealistic, it was still a fun and beautiful flight.

If you’re still reading, and haven’t left yet even after I just explained how unrealistic this is, Good Morning from Toronto Pearson YYZ!
Yesterday, I conducted this flight, scheduled for takeoff at 2:00 local time, or 7:00 zulu or UTC. This was a very smooth flight on the Expert Server, taking just under 7hrs 10mins. This flight took far less time than scheduled in the flight plan, due to 60kt tailwinds at my cruising altitude of 37,000 feet. I had a ground speed of 546 kts over the Atlantic, for the mean groundspeed of the trip.

Anyway, here’s the departure out of Toronto’s Runway 33R.

After climbing to my desired cruising altitude of 37,00 feet, and over the ocean, we are exposed to some beautiful sunset views.

I did not take many screen shots in cruise, as they all looked pretty similar, I thought that the best photos would be during descent and landing. Here is a beautiful early morning decent into Zurich.

An absolutely beautiful picture of the snowy Swiss Alps coming into view on descent.

A picture of final approach with full flaps configuration to slow as fast as possible.

A pilots perspective of the final approach.

Just shy of touching down on Zurich’s Runway 14.

Taxiing into the gate as the sun rises above the Swiss Alps in the distance.

I’d like to thank everyone who has read thus far, as that was a lot, but I really hope you enjoyed what took something like 9 hours to create. See you next time!



Beautiful scenery!

Just to clear things up, the approach looked a little high in the picture, but coming in, I had some headwind, so it all worked out in the end. This is one of the longest flights I have done in this simulator.

Thank you!

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Yeah, I was wondering why you didn’t go around.

yeah lol the headwind was like 10 knots if I remember correctly.

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When I first got IF, I wanted to play around a bit so I did the only logical thing… I took a 747 and attempted a landing with 100 knots of headwind.

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Just want to mention that I knew nothing about aviation then

Haha, I am a pilot but I don’t fly commercial airliners it’s just my hobby.

If u want to make it realistic Tune in the ILS for the night approach. very important if you’re flying for European airlines. If I was your chief pilot I’ll fire u on the spot 👍

That was REAL supportive. Also, it was an early morning approach, also, airliners in the REAL WORLD do not use ILS that much at all, especially in this case, where it was clear weather, no crosswind.

Also, It is always the pilots call on how to land their aircraft, if the pilot decides not to use the ILS, that is their call, and unless it jeopardizes safety, it’s not a big deal. So, I’m glad that you would fire me, but any rational person wouldn’t do so. Also, why would you even say that, first of all, it’s not very nice, and second of all, you’re wrong :)

One of the good ones. Admitting that the flight he did is not real so minimods don’t spam him.

Thank you. Somebody in the aviation world who understands. Like, yeah, it’s a simulator, you don’t have to use it to be completely accurate. So thank you, thank you for understanding. Every time I post there is this one person who tells me what I’m doing wrong, in kind of a mean manner. Anyway, thanks for saying that.

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Sorry I was just joking mate, but if you’re flying for an airlines in Europe u do need it, it’s a company policy , also visual approach at night/ early hours of morning without any guidance is abit risky in real life.

Awesome photos! I hope you had a great flight ✈️

beautiful photos!

Thank you!

Beautiful, can i know the exact time? Maybe doing this flight too.

I don’t remember, but I can check and will get back to you.

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