Beautiful New Zealand

I just did a 2 hour flight from Auckland (NZAA) to beautiful Queenstown (NZQN) in the A230 Air New Zealand in Expert.

Passengers boarding in Auckland ready for a busy morning.

After a 15 minute wait on the ground, ANZ665 is up in the air and en route to Queenstown

Most flights past this beautiful Cinder-Cone Volcano called Mount Taranaki. It’s Unique feature is that there is a forest cut perfectly circled around the Volcano.

Right before decent we get an amazing view of Aoraki / Mount Cook National Park our of the cockpit at 32000.

The most fun and scenic approach ever in my opinion is the Runway 5 Queenstown approach in which here I make a left turn over Lake Wakatipu.

Over the Franklin Arm on short final for runway 5.

Arrived at Queenstown at 12:56, 4 minutes early with a Q400 doing pattern work.

Which is your favorite photo?

  • 1 / Boarding
  • 2 / Departure
  • 3 / Mount Taranaki
  • 4 / Aoraki National Park
  • 5 / Approach
  • 6 / Short Final
  • 7 / Arrived

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Fun Fact about Queensland

Lake Wakatipu is S-Shaped and is very deep at 1,247 feet deep


Looks like that Q400 is having an engine failure XD

Amazing shots by the way, i’m very impressed!

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Great photos! How could you put me through the torture of trying to choose a favorite!

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@Tsumia | It’s funny because I was on the ground and I thought he had lost and engine or it was possibly a bug. He did go a pattern so probably an emergency 😂