Beautiful Nassau fly Out (Departed)

Beautiful Nassau Fly out

Welcome to the Beautiful Nassau Fly Out!! Hosted by @Olivia12 Nassau, capital of the Bahamas which boasts rich history, colorful culture, and stunning beaches. Explore historic sites like Fort Charlotte and Fort Fincastle. Enjoy beautiful beaches such as Cable Beach and Junkanoo Beach. Experience vibrant culture through local cuisine and festivals like Junkanoo. Shop for souvenirs at the Straw Market and dine on fresh seafood. Dive into water activities like snorkeling and sailing. Use Nassau as a base for island hopping to nearby paradises like Paradise Island and the Exumas.

Server: EXPERT

Airport: Lynden Pindling International Airport (MYNN)

Time: 2024-06-01T21:00:00Z2024-06-01T22:00:00Z


Ground Tower ATIS Approach Departure Nassau Centre

Gate Assignments

Gate Assignments Full
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Pilot
Gate C48 Alaska Los Angles 737-900 @Prestoni
Gate C43 American Airlines Charlotte 737-800 @Victor_M_Tamez
Gate C42 American Airlines Miami E175 @Steve_Cadle
Gate C41 Jet Blue Boston A220 @T.Malone
Remote Stand C58 Jet Blue New York A321 @deltaoutofdca
Remote Stand C52 Jet Blue Los Angeles A321 @Skismd
Remote Stand C51 Jet Blue Orlando E190 @Tharealjaay
Remote Stand C46 Jet Blue Miami E175 @Anthony_Gulluscio
Terminal B30 United Newark 757-200 @Justin_Betances
Terminal B29 Copa Airlines Panama City 737-800 @MarioIsaguirre
International Gate 28L Air Canada Vancouver 777-200 @Olivia12
International Gate 27 Virgin Atlantic Manchester A330-900neo @NvAviator
Terminal B22 Britsh Airways Vancouver B772 @Dimitrios_TA
Terminal B Remote Stand B18 Delta Atlanta 757-200 @CedricFlys
Terminal B Remote Stand B19 South West Chicago Midway 737-800 @Anthony_Gulluscio
Terminal A Remote Stand A15 Caribbean Airlines Turks and Ciaos 737-800 @IFChile-BossCL
Terminal A Remote Stand A14 Caribbean Airlines Kingston 737-800 @Bay_Area_Aviation
Terminal A Remote Stand A13 Caribbean Airlines Saint Martin 737-800 @MAviationYT
Terminal A Remote Stand A12 Caribbean Airlines Miami 737-800 @SAS640

I’ll take gate 27

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Ok you are all Signed up

Can’t join I got school. Make sure to use the event function

cant join thats 2 am my time

Well you guys are both from Melbourne so that means @Olivia12 is hosting an event at 2:00 am. Never seen that before lol


I’m so sad rn. This is during school😭

I have accidently put the time and date wrong sorry for the confession. It would be wired for me to start an event at 2am.

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Yay! I can join now

I’ll take this

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Can I take dis one?

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Might be able to join if my flight is Friday and not Saturday… let me check

Your All Added

@deltaoutofdca I have changed it to be on a Saturday or Sunday depending your time zone.

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Thanks! I’ll take this!

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Your all singed up lets flood nassau!!!

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Lets get some more sign ups

Can I have ba 772 from London please

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Do you want to fly In?? Because this is a fly Out I have added you to B772 to London if you want to fly in let me know??

Sorry I meant to london lol

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Lets get some more sign ups