Beautiful Mountains // EGLL - KSEA

London 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 to Seattle 🇺🇸

Hey Everyone! I flew from London Heathrow to Seattle with the B772 and this flight was amazing, the scenery was beautiful especially when flying over British Columbia and over the state of Washington. For this flight i departed during the huge Fly-out event at London Heathrow and i had to wait for around 30-40 mins for departure! But i was able to squeeze in between a CRJ and a 787 which saved me a lot of time (i could have waited for 1hr+ if i didn’t squeeze in between those aircrafts).

Here are the pictures of the flight!

Boring stuff-
Server: Expert
Flight time: 10hrs 14mins
Route: EGLL to KSEA
Cruising altitude (step climb): FL340 → FL360 → FL380
Cruising speed: Mach 0.84
Aircraft: B777-200ER
Airlines: Delta

Preparing for Pushback

Waiting in line

30-40 mins later → Rotate!

Leaving Greenland

South Hampton Island

Cabin view over the Canadian Rockies

Another view of the Rockies

Glacier Peak

Final approach with Mt Rainier in the back

Parked at the gate

Hope you liked it 😊


Absolutely stunning photos! Love the pics of Mt. Rainer :D


I love the one of you leaving Greenland as well as the mountain photos - utterly stunning.

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Nice job!! I LOVE those mountain shots!!

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Thank you so much @FireCracker, @BennyBoy and @BransonRodriguez!!!

I LOVE THESE PICTURES. Especially with the high quality of the views 😍

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Thank you 😊

Welcome to my home in Seattle. Very awesome pictures!

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Thank you!

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Beautiful pictures. 👍✈️

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Thank you so much 😊