BEAUTIFUL! LOWI-LGTS Screenshots from my world tour


Innsbruck (LOWI) to Makedonia (LGTS)

Flying the 930 in IF has been an absolute blast! Fly high to get a birds eye view at FL290, fly low to get some great horizon shots. This was on my LOWI-LGTS leg. The Aegean sea below and Pierian mountains on the horizon. LGTS has an interesting ILS approach in that you fly a radius from the Thessaloniki VOR to enter finals.

Morning takeoff from Innsbruck with the sun rising over the Alps. I especially like the technical arrivals and departures into this airport. In fact, I like them so much that I’m going to form MVAO (Mountains Virtual Aviation Organization). I decided to go ahead and create a placeholder for it today at

Hitting the coastline of Greece (I’ve done some post-processing of all my screenshots with Pixelmator).

And for good measure, here are a few more sights along the way. Off to


Great photos !

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Great shots! Thanks.

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Nice shots
Bravo 👍👍👍👍

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I use to climb to cruise alt then go sleep, and landing after getting up. Seems miss a lot! Lol

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The 930 is very photogenic

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Very much so!


Stunning shots, very nicely done 👍🏻

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Thanks! And how did you get a 3 letter username!! Ha ha. I wanted Kaleb for myself but it had to be six letters.

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I’ve no idea, but don’t tell anyone! Haha

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Great pics! Personally love the approach at Makedonia Airport 😁

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Great shots dude!

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