Beautiful livery’s

Which airlines have most beautiful livery’s in Infinite flight my personal that I was like Qatar airways and Korean Air livery’s 🖤✨what’s your opinion?


ITA is def one


The Vietnam Airlines livery on the A350-900 has to be up there for sure! The Japan Airlines A350 is also quite nice. And on a narrow body I think you cant go wrong with the VietJetAir A321, that is quite a nice livery!

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The Hawaiian livery is quite nice

If you want a super underrated one, here’s one:


Hard one… I think it might be the TAP Air Portugal A330-900.

Japan airlines 77w. definitely the best

For me the AirAustral A220-300

I really like Delta’s livery, especially on the new A330-900s. US Airways also had a very pretty livery when they were active. I also like Azul’s livery, it was very classy and understated. The SAS A350 looks gorgeous as well.

For underrated/lesser-known liveries, I absolutely LOVE the 50s/60s KLM livery (the one with the striped tail). IranAir’s A330-200s are also nice (something I cannot say about their food or IFE).

My favorites include:

  • Delta
  • Fiji Airways
  • ANA
  • KLM
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BA dc10
T’en char

JetBlue a320, more specifically bluerica livery… any is good to me tho

I agrée with you on Qatar airways but I am in love with Cathay cargo’s 748 😍

Yea it’s beautiful

Ngl i like the JetBlue mint livery

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breeze, any ga livery, and any military livery 🫡

Alaska whale livery

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I really love the very simple white liveries, like the AF and JAL on the 77W. I’m hoping we can get new Emirates 77W livery in game when the a380 comes out, I think they’ll update both at the same time and I think its better than the current livery.

For non-white liveries, I’d say United (evo blue) and Delta look great, just wish they had white engines instead of blue ones.

My top 5 are as follows

  1. CitiLink A330-900Neo
  2. JetBlue A220-300
  3. JetSmart A320-200
  4. Helvetic E190
  5. United “Evo Blue” B77W

I kinda Simp Airbus 😂

I personally think the generic livery is the most beautiful. It unlocks so many routes opportunities.