Beautiful LGAV Landing view

So I was making a short floght from Istambul to Athens, Now, tbere was nothing intresting in the flight, Until the landing, I was told to go around and make right traffic (idk why). And that was the best possible choice An Atc has ever given to me, This was my left view of the aircraft

It was An Agean A319 Landing in formation with what a F-16, I thought It was a cool Thing to share.
I just thought it was so cool


I love it when you can do a parallel landing with another pilot its so fun and the screenshots after are amazing!!

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Thats a cool photo
Also I see ‘N1DC’ at the top. If Im not mistaken, that is DeerCrusher’s callsign
Again, cool photo

Thanks for the spot! I escorted an Aegean A320 from Thessaloniki to Athens.

It was an internal test flight and it was awesome. A few minutes later we departed in a bigger group and made a special sky-drawing.



Man what a flight today! I really enjoyed it 🙂


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