Beautiful Lakshadweep, Agatti Airport

**1)take off from agatti…

**2) agatti to Mumbai, casual server

**3) Photos



Welcome tot he community, @SKSAMASI!

That’s one beautiful photo you have here!


Welcome to the community! What a great photo.


Welcome to the community!

Seems like a beautiful place, thanks for sharing it with us!

Also, if You’re more comfortable, You can write in a free style, we’re not bound by all the points being laid out in a structured list :) You can visit other threads and take inspiration frok there as well.

Look forward on seeing You in the skies!


Wow, that’s a very nice photo.

As @Ignas04 said, we don’t need to see it all nicely laid out. Make it personal and nice but if you like it that way then we are all good with that. See what I mean by checking out others flights at #screenshots-and-videos. And you can have up to 10 pics of your flight.

And welcome to the Infinite Flight Community😁

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@Ignas04 Welcoke? More like WelPep… PEPSI GANNGGGG 😂


Lovely pic :heart_eyes:

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Welcome! What a great picture for your first post!

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Even though it is only one photo it is an amazing one. I love those photos of shallow water.

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That’s a cool photo, live the Indigo livery too.

As @Ignas04 said, feel free to write freehand, the same template does not fit all. Welcome to the community! 😃


Thank you all for your valuable feedback…😊😊
Looking forward to more pic and post

First time seeing something about Lakshadweep on the IFC… nice shot mate!!

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