Beautiful islands

Hello and welcome to my first flight with the A220!

Boring stuff πŸ™„
39 minutes of flying today
Air Austral
Expert Sever

Fun stuff!

Parked at the gate!

Taxi to runway 14

Beautiful Takeoff

I should be known as the go around king πŸ‘‘

Rough landing due to strong winds

And we made it!

Thanks everyone! Especially thanks it IF for the amazing game!

Will be posting again soon for a tribute 😌


This engine was off…right?

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No, the intern who tried this shot did not finish it

To think that he took off anyway even though the engine ingested something

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There is a reason why the engines are monstrous

πŸ˜… i don’t think sooo…

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Never mess with engines, they will mess with you

that’s what happened in gta story mode πŸ˜‚

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That’s dark xD

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