Beautiful Flights With FN60fps

Flew From KSLC → KLAX → KSAN , With @FN60fps We had 2 very nice trips!

This Took Place In Training Server, Total Flight Time All Together Was 2hrs 37mins!

Takeoff From KSLC Runway 34R With FN60fps Lining Up To Wait.

Mid-Flight Photos Between KSLC/KLAX

Parallel Final At KLAX, Myself On Runway 24R/FN60fps 25L

Takeoff From KLAX

KSAN Final

Touchdown At KSAN

All together everything went very well, if you would like to see more screenshots from me let me know! <3 Have a fantastic day everyone!


Nice photos! I love it 😍


Hi there! Great photos there. Unfortunately they don’t aline with the community rules that all display names should be hidden. More details here

Fortunately this is a quick fix. Either go to settings and turn off display names in the live section and retake the photos with display names or just remove them from the thread


ill just wait for it to be closed than, i didnt see that post and i dont have time to go through and retake photos or edit them.