Beautiful flight up to Jackson Hole

Hey everyone, it’s been a while since I’ve posted here. I recently flew a flight for @AmericanVirtual that I thought would be worth posting here. I hope y’all enjoy!

Flight Details

Airline/Aircraft: American CRJ-700
Flight time: 1hr 39mins
Server: Expert

Lifting the gear up as we rotate outta Phoenix

Grand Canyon

Wyoming Mountains

Beginning our descent into Jackson Hole

Views from the right wing as the sun shines on the mountain peak

Buttery landing on runway 19


These two wwoooooooo 🥵

I’m gonna fly to Jak Sone Whole sometime soon and make @Esaacc999 happy. Nice photos Kaylub


The quality is very nice

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Very nice photos @Speedyyy :) KJAC Jackson Hole is also a nice airport to control aswell ;)

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Nice photos! Gotta love KJAC 🥰 (thanks for the tag @NoahM)


WoooAAAhhh my god! Beautiful!

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These are some of the best pics I’ve ever seen!

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I’m flying there as soon as I can, that scenery looks stunning! You certainly got some great photos of your flights swell, awesome job!

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Those are some great pics. Quick question: Where and what is jackson hole? i’ve heard of it before, ive just never bothered to look it up

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@NoahM thanks No Uh!

@CPT_Colorado thanks :)

thank you, i bet it is nice :)

@Esaacc999 thanks Eyesack!

@Tsumia thank you!

@Aviation_Capital thank you very much :)

@Butter_Boi Thank you!

@Micah_Brazil Thanks! Jackson is a town in Wyoming’s Jackson Hole valley.


Very nice pictures! Jackson Hole is a fantastic airport to fly into both in IF and IRL. Glad to see others are flying to it!

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To add on to Speedyyy’s reply, it’s also one of the best places to ski in the US!


Amazing photos 😄 :thumbsup:

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@ToasterStroodie Thanks! I love flying here a lot in IF

@Jaylan_Brown Thanks :)

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Great Shots 👍

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Thanks :)

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