Beautiful flight into the desert

Hey guy! I just reached a new milestone of 200 landings. I wanted to make this a special one and do a long haul flight and break my old record of 11 hours. It was a beautiful flight with a bit of headwind over the Atlantic. Hope you guys enjoy these pictures and I’ll be back for my 500th landing. Take care guys.

Route: KATL - OMAA
Total Flight time: 14 hours
Server: Expert

A beautiful 777-300ER getting ready to take off from KATL on runway 9L

Rotate and Takeoff

Sunrise! Wake up and enjoy a nice view this passenger got :)

Beautiful scenery as we get closer to Abu Dhabi

Landing on runaway 13R at Abu Dhabi International Airport

At the gate. Hope you enjoyed the flight. :)

Let me know which picture was your favorite.


Lovely pictures and well done on your landing number 200 :)

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touchdown and when you get closer to Abu Dhabi were my favorite

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I just did a flight from Kuala Lumpur to abu dhabi in a 777-300.

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Congrats on the 200 great pics thanks for sharing 👍 me I always like rotate!

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Thank you! @Luke_King-kong

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I agree too! The scenery was really amazing.

Awesome flight route!

Thank you! @Alan_Thomson

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