Beautiful Flight from Miami to Buenos Aires

Hello everyone!

I just finished one of my favorite flights on Infinite Flight. I flew the American 777-200ER in the Chrome OneWorld Livery on an overnighter to Buenos Aires from Miami. I’m going to make a full report on this flight.

We departed Miami at 10:26 p.m. local time, using about 2/3 of runway 27. (No video because I was having issues, don’t worry there is landing video!)

Climbing over the East coast of Florida

Cruising over Panama City

Over the Pacific with a Peruvian mountain range in the distance

Some more beautiful scenery in southern Peru

Beautiful views as we head East over Chile

Descending into Buenos Aires

Stable on the approach

Settin’ her down on 11

Parked up alongside a company Dreamliner who just arrived from LAX

Thanks for viewing! Here’s a little flight info:
Flight Time: 7:49
Cruise Alt: FL350-370-390
Landing FPM: -79


Nice photos!

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Lovely pictures, thanks for sharing!


Wow this is my favorite!


Yep saw you and even tagged you on the Community member spotting thread. Great shots 👍🏽

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Nice pics , were you 931 Heavy ? Think I took a pic witch you in background as I departed 😬👌

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the third picture
o yeahhhhh

I really love American’s retro livery

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Great photos! Nice butter landing too!

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Pretty good photos, a little dark, but great nonetheless!

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What an amazing butter!


I’ve been on the American One World Plane, and I’m now kind of sad after seeing this that American got rid of it’s old livery

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Yep that was me

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