Beautiful flight from a Chile to Australia with a couple of special guests!

Hey folks! So I’ve been wanting to fly Santiago to Sydney for a while as part of my OneWorld around the world project, and I finally did it last night. Santiago is one of the best places for nice scenery in my opinion, and there was some stunning light there!

Server: Expert
Route: SCEL - YSSY
Aircraft: LATAM 787-9
Flight time: 14 hours and 3 minutes

Rotating off of runway 16R with @DeerCrusher and @DanielVitiello preparing for a flight to Berlin!

About to put the gear up

Saying goodbye to Santiago as Deer commences his taxi!

Climbing up past the mountains and fog

Moments before touchdown in Sydney

Thanks for looking and stay safe and healthy out there everyone!


Beautiful photos you have there @snoman

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Thank you! These don’t even do the lighting justice, it was truly incredible