Beautiful Evening In Los Cabos-Sunset In Mexico City

Hello IFC! Yesterday Mexico was featured and I decided to do a short flight down to Mexico City. I hope y’all enjoy!

Flight Details

Airline/Aircraft: Aeromexico Boeing 737-700
Flight time: 1hr 24mins

Taking off into clear skies of Mexico

Tepic, Mexico

Volcan Gordo to our right

After a quick descent we drop our gear and line up for 05R

On final as an unrealistic Air Canada 787 comes from Cancun

And an Air Canada 767 holding short before departing for Toronto

Windy landing as we touchdown at Benito Juarez International!


Very nice!

BTW that’s a 767


I just love the 737-700, amazing pictures.

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I love the 737 too! Thanks :)


Oh yes you made me go around after going around 3 times thanks 😂

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Oh i did? Rip 😂

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Aeromexico!!! :D

Nice shots!

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the areomexico 737 looks good! I never really realized that. Nice pics!

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Thank you!

Thanks :)

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Cool photos! A very rare livery to see in game

Our favorite livery at AMVA! Thank you for visiting :)

737 looks so beautiful in the AMX livery😍

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