Beautiful evening flight from VTBS-VTSP

**Good evening **

Today I flew from beautiful Suvarnabhumi Airport (VTBS) to Phuket International Airport (VTSP), both located in Asia, more specified, Thailand.

Suvarnabhumi Airport, which is the main Airport in Bangkok, served over 47 910 904 passengers in 2011.
Fun fact: The Airport has the world highest ATC tower (132,2m)

Phuket International Airport however isn’t as big as Suvarnabhumi, but they served 18 855 637 passengers in 2017.

Enjoy these eight beautiful photos 😁

Expert server, flight time 55 minutes.

Thanks to @Jeff-24 and @Joseph_Spinner for participating in the photos (they didn’ know until now).


great photos! Want to do the return at 1500Z?

I would love to!

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Great! I’ll keep you posted!

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