Beautiful DFW morning haze

Was getting ready to board my flight to ORD (not after changing the gate twice) and caught these beautiful pictures of the airport .

Hope you enjoy

Which one was your favorite?

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Uhh, is this the correct category? Btw nice shots! (Put it in #real-world-aviation:spotting )

Oh yeah shoot!!

Really good shots man!

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Awesome Pictures! Especially that 737 max! ❤️💙🤍


That’s awesome 👏

The “haze” recently is actually dust blowing over from the Sahara desert, which I thought is interesting.

I started coughing a few days ago and then I started getting air quality alerts and then I read that it’s a bunch of dust from the Sahara.

so if anyone’s wondering, no it’s not “cLimAtE cHanGe”

There is always that haze over Dallas in the summer

Oh cool

Here’s the thing that says it’s Saharan dust

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