Beautiful departures at ORD!

Hello 👋,

I went spotting at O’hare yesterday and decided to see some departures, here’s some photos

A thicc boi fading into the clouds going to Anchorage

A Delta A220 for @mkwiecek

A United 737MAX 9 Headed to Houston

A United 777-200 Headed to Tokyo Narita

An Eva Air Cargo 777F Headed to Taipei

A United 737-800 Headed to Newark

An American 737-800 Headed to Dallas Fort Worth

A Delta 757-200 Headed to Atlanta

And Last But Not Least, An Air Canada Express ERJ-175 Headed To Toronto

Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for viewing!


Favourite one right here!

Lovely pics Xaro, also an interesting angle!


Its a parking lot around here, its costs 3 bucks to park there

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@Butter_Boi’s favorite aircraft!

Nice shots!

Naw I hate the A220 lol.


Ah, it’s that Economy lot, I have had some uhm…interesting…experiences there lol


some dude was doing heroin when I was there

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This picture is so cool to me.


I prefer the A350 and A380, but we barely get those, so yea 😔

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Well, you have an A220 as your profile picture so I thought maybe-


Well yea cuz I was forced to change my pfp and back then that was my only good pic 😂

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So apparently I had some trouble reading the “Real World Aviation” tag bc I thought the first two were in IF. I was gonna say what good editing skills on the second one and then I figured it out…

Either way, great job, and in case you couldn’t already tell, the second one is my favorite for some reason

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