Beautiful Departure from Miami

Today I done a flight from Miami to Charlotte on the beautiful B737-800 and have couple screenshots!

Flight Information:

Airline/Aircraft: United Airlines B737-800
Flight time: 1 Hour 50 Minutes
Sever: Expert

Me at the very end behind @Wattsup_jet

Off the ground!

Landscape of Miami Beach!

Check out: Late Evening Arrival to Bangkok just before Sunset over

From previous questions what is my favourite hockey team? An answer is: Calgary Flames!

What is my home airport?

  • CYMM
  • CYEG
  • CYYC
  • CYVR

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Which one is your favourite?

  • First one
  • Second one
  • Third One
  • All of the above

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These are great photos my friend! I am honored to be mentioned in your post. 😊 Keep up the great work!

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Great to saw you in IF @Wattsup_jet

Thank you 😊

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Hello guys so the answer what is my home airport was CYMM Fort McMurray

Expect me to control there on Saturday ATC Choice