Beautiful departure and into Miami!

Hey everyone! Today I did a flight from TNCM, one of the world most popular airports to spot to beautiful Miami! I also did this long flight since I just got a new subscription and I just earned grade 4! Also I didn’t take any photos during the flight, so it’s just Departure 🛫and Arrival 🛬. Sorry!

Server Expert
Time 2200Z

1 Just departing out of TNCM, doing a sharp right turn to avoid the mountain…

2 Another image of the awesome depature!

3 “50… 40… 30… 20… 10…”

4 “Reverse Thrust, Speed Brakes”

5 I changed time just so that I could get better images of these two. The tail of the TWA livery 😍

6 Another image of the two American planes!

7 Another one of the two wingtip to wingtip!

Thank you all for taking the time and see this post, tell me how much you liked them and how I can improve. Thanks!

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Nice pictures! especially love the first one.

On a side note, is your rendering quality low? because for some of those pictures I’m getting that feeling.


Thanks for the kind words!
Umm yeah about that, I don’t usually run the game at ludicrous, I usually run it at good, and I did use the screenshot button on the sim. Yeah it is a bit low quality my bad :/

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beautiful photos, not much to improve they are beautiful, do some screenshot with sun or moon, I still can not make one, despite the explanations.

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Amazing job!! Keep it up buddy

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Thank you so much! Yeah I still have to learn about making good screenshots, because this is my second ever topic with photos of my flight.

This is my first, but it really isn’t that good.

This is my second but I like to call it my first because of how good I thought I did it :D

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Thanks a lot man! I try making the best screenshots and i’m glad these caught you’re attention! 😄