Beautiful Denver Departure

Beautiful departure from Denver at sunset!

DEN-RDU, expert server, cruised at 39,000ft.

Flight time: 2hrs 40mins


ahh yes the Boeing 737 MAX
i remember the days that i love that plane
old memories now days
i don’t fly that much
i even got a picture with the pilots
and the cockpit
btw Great Photos!

Thanks! Btw this is the 737-800. IF doesn’t have the MAX yet.

represents the MAX IF already had

what it looks like in real life if you search up 737 800 there will be no zip line on the wing
but if you put the max in it it will show

Yay RDU!!!

Some 737-800s have the split winglets too. I’ve flown on many Southwest 737-800s in real life with the split winglets, and this was years before the MAX was introduced.

Hopefully IF will eventually add the MAX once it’s back in service.

Nice people sketches lol

My hometown airport!