Beautiful Caribbean flight.

Hello IFC, I am once again back with more pics from a flight I did, hope you enjoy!

It was a flight from KMIA to MZBZ. I flew over many different countries/cities, and the new updated scenery looks golden.

Callsign: AAL2476 - Server: Expert - Mach:.81- CRZ ALT: FL380
Departure from Miami

Ascending through 10k feet

Coast of Cuba

Cancun, Mexico

Turning base

Gear down!



Hope y’all enjoyed! Please leave feedback below!


The scenery is just STUNNING! 😍😍


It sure is… IF did an outstanding job!

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Omelord that turning base pic looks like paradise waiting for me irl! :D But for now IF would do for me, will land there soon when I have time. Thanks for posting these, cheers!

Thank you! It’s a great flight and I highly recommend it! (I ran out of likes sorry XD)

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Pics 3 and 4 are the exact same thing. As for feedback, try editing.

Yup I realized my mistakes just as I posted it. I meant to post the pic I got of Cancun but accidentally clicked the Cuba one again. Sorry!

As you can see now, I fixed it, thanks for telling me