Beautiful Boeing 777 // ZGGG ~ ZSPD // Cargo Flight

Server: Expert Server ; Flight Plan: ZGGG ( GuangZhou Baiyun Airport ) to ZSPD ( Shanghai Pudong Airport ) ;
Aircraft: China Southern B77F ; Flight Time: 1h40m ; Callsign: FGS-0540

Special thanks to @Korgast for the ATC service. Good Day~

Here are some shots during the flight~

p1: Loading~ Beautiful GE90-115B engine

p2: Taxi to Rwy01, there’s a Fedex B77F behind me

p3: V1~ Rotate~ Goodbye Guangzhou

p4: Departure~ Meet a China Southern B788 ( It’s @Louie )

p5: Climb to FL370

p6: Cruising~ On the right side of plane is WenZhou

p7: Approaching to Rwy35L, ZSPD

p8: Nice land~

p9: Parking at cargo area

Thanks for your watching and wish you like these pics~

How do you feel about these pics, tell me in the reply~

Which is your favorite shot ?
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I will have to try that route soon!! And amazing pictures you shot there!!! ;)


Thanks bro~ Hope you enjoy your trip (≧▽≦)

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Amazing shots mate!! Loved the first one with the wing view especially:)

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Keep going, great pictures 🤝👍🏽

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Thanks for your support mate~

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thank you \(^▽^)/