Beautiful B772 air canada!

Flew with Air Canada B772 from Vancouver to Frankfurt. Took some nice pics during trip!
Departure: CYVR
Arrival: EDDF
Flight time: 10h 26min
Cruising speed: 480kts
Cruising altitude: 380

Departed from Vancouver.

Climbing over mountains.

Cruising over Canada.

Sunrise over Iceland.

Arrived to Frankfurt.


The realism! Nice pics, keep it up :)


Love then all! 😍

We’d love to see more!


looks great the second picture almost looks like swiss001s background from the end of the video
only its Canada.
also at the landing how much did you butter/grease

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You are right second picture looks kind of like swiss001s background except its air canada and over canadian mountains. There were bit of headwind when landing so floated slightly, but most importantly buttered :)


You got some really crisp shots there. You running on a tablet?

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No, im running on Oneplus 5t.

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