Beautiful Australia @YSSY 200600ZOCT18 ( finished)

Hi everyone,

On the 20th of October we will be doing a flight from Sydney to cairns

Server: Training

Time: 4pm Australian time (departure time) ( Queensland)

Date: Saturday 20th of October

Flight time: 2:30 to 3:30 hours


Cruise: FL320

Departure airport: YSSY
Arrival airport YBCS

1-30 : @Cwilliams21 (me). Qantas 737
1-31 : @Rishon_R Qantas 767
1-32 : @Pilotcorn09 qantas 737

More gates will be added if needed

Aircraft: please fly either

Qantas 737
Qantas 767
Jetstar a320
Tiger air a319

Hope to see you there

Please arrive 10-15 minutes before departure

Please feel free to give me any tips as this is my first event

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Please be sure to give more details and follow this:


Thanks this is my first event what should I add

Just read the topic i linked you ;) you will find everything you need to add/remove there

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Thanks really appreciate your help


Please change the title to 210100ZOCT18.


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Appreciate your help

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Please update the title to this as you have not got the right format.

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Also, please mention the departure airport in the title.

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Looks an interesting event, however it doesn’t fit in with the forum template. Suggest you have a read of the guidelines from @MishaCamp on the format, also if you use the correct template this will be a big help!


  • Topic titles must include start location and time of the event in the following format:


  • Event Title : The title of your event. Keep it short and original!
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  • MON : 3-letter abbreviation for the month of your event (e.g. January = JAN)
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Example: Friday Night Flight - Airbus vs Boeing @ London - 041830ZMAR18

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  • Once the event ends, please edit your topic title and add “[Closed]” to the front of the title:
    Blue Angels @ KSFO - 030900ZAUG18
    [Closed] Blue Angels @ KSFO - 030900ZAUG18
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You might want to flag this thread to be closed by moderators then re-make isi g the correct format?

Happy landings!


Can you explain what is wrong with it

I see that you have two events open at the moment however both are wrong! Suggest that you close both down ( ask a mod to close via threads via flagging) then have a read of what I posted above as it has all the correct info. When you know how to write the event there is a specific template to use ( which is shown when you go to the Events board and open a thread there) which will be a big help!

Suggest that you get one event up and running before you try a second!

Good luck.


Is it possible that you can explain what I did wrong I have had 9 people tell me it is wrong but no one is telling me why it is wrong

This is the template that is available, but read the guidelines as well on how to complete!


Server: Training

Airport: KSFO

Time: 0800Z

NOTAM: Add important event information here


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I have fixed this one doing the other one

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Hey, i would like a gate!
B767 Qantus Flight 922

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Actually sorry, i cant make it. sorry for not checking earlier

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Thanks anyway

I put you down