Beautiful approach into Miami

So today I did a flight from Denver to Miami with the 737. I didn’t want to post the full flight because there was not much to see except for the approach. I have to say Florida is a very beautiful state from up high. I got these nice pictures of the approach and I really hope u liked it.

Aircraft: Boeing 737-800/ American Livery

Route: KDEN -----> KMIA

Time: Almost 4 hours

Sever: Expert

So here is my first picture. Seeing my hometown Tampa bay in the distance. Love to see it when I fly 😍

So now let’s focus on the approach. Seeing the city of Miami was spectacular to see. I hope someone agrees with me.

And here I was on final for runway 09 at Miami International. Very good smooth landing even though there was a bit of crosswind. Also caught an American 777 in the back with the reverses green ;)


I think I remember seeing you. Great pictures, looks like you had a good time!


Wow I never noticed. And yes I had a good time :D

wow brother beautiful pics. Would love to see your crosswind landing also.

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