Beautiful approach into Doha

This is my approach into Doha from Kuwait

Plane- A359
Livery- Qatar
Departure- OKBK
Arrival- OTHH
Server- expert

Me landing with @Dan and @AviatorZ_YT in the background


Nice shot there!

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Thanks I appreciate it

I love the shot!!

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I’ll to a daily screenshot trend from now on so u can all see my flights

Dan flew for 22 hours lol 😂

That looks beautiful! :)

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Thanks soni

FYI dan and aviator Z are the 2 B77Ls in the house livery

Ooooo nice

This is an amazing photo

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Michigan ur now on the IFC welcome :)

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Thanks @Southwest_2115 😊

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Nice shot!


Btw aviatordan liked your picture :)


I know he did he was the first one

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