Beautiful American Airlines B772


Hi everyone I did a flight for last night at EGLL for ATC it was awesome, I flew to Phoenix from London, I did some editing on it I hope you like it, ATC was amazing! Also some nice views of the Grand Canyon wile flying! I had to switch the time for brightness. This was taken when I was taking off.

Server: Expert

Time: Afternoon


Aircraft and Livery: American Airlines B777-200

Thank you very much for looking at my photo, feel free to leave me feedback I appreciate it have a great day IFC, until next time see you soon!


I always love photos of the gear going up, great job!

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Mmmm yes… The polished aluminium never disappoints…


I agree - they always look beautiful!

Thanks guys! ☺️

Nice picture!

I’ve been wanted to do some American 772 routes for some time, but they only have the old livery.

Do any AA 777s still fly with the old livery? Just want to be current, thanks!

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Thanks @anon38496261 I appreciate it, I’m not sure about the livery’s tho.

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