Beautiful afternoon in Innsbruck

Hello, and welcome to my first spotting topic :)

My home airport is LOWI. That’s why I’m going sometimes to the airport to spot some A320s and 737s with the great mountains in the background. Innsbruck’s busiest day is Saturday. People are mostly coming to go skiing in the mountains. However let’s start now!

Jet2 departing to Manchester

EasyJet arriving from London.

Atlantic Airways is ready to taxi as a TUI 737 arrives.

Two A320s and the TUI 737 standing lovely together. In the background the Martinswand translated it means “Martins wall”.

Another airport shot. This picture is from an other day.

That’s my first spotting topic. Hope you liked those pictures ;)


Oh wow! Thats beautiful!


These are some amazing pics! Looks like runway 08 is in use nice visuals coming in 🥳🙃

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Personally, I love Innsbruck too! It has a special place in my heart, I’ve been coming there ever since I was a little bitty boy! I’d love to see more shots! :)

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Gonna send you some in the PMs if you want ;)

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Yes, please!

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Lovely shots, well taken! 😀

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Very nice pictures. Hope to visit Innsbruck soon.

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These are great shots mate!! I love the Faroe Islands livery, it looks great on the A20N


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